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Stimulus : Response

To obtain the desired response on the internet, you need to have the right stimulus. As your dedicated service provider,


  • design or revamp your website in a way that garners the reaction you are looking for from your audience and customers
  • get the job done when we say it will be done
  • answer the phone when you call, because sometimes, you just need to communicate by voice
  • consider your bottom-line and expected return on investment from your website
  • empower YOU to have an active role in your online presence
  • host your website on our world-class server farm
  • provide high performance hosting service that is reliable and secure
  • build your website to be search engine friendly
  • provide you with spam-free email*
  • speak to you in plain English and save our "tech talk" for internal banter
  • manage your website for lower-than-industry average costs
  • be responsive to your inquiries within 1 business day
  • keep you updated with industry news and developments that might help your business online
  • provide you with an opportunity to meet us at our professional downtown offices where you can always find us 9 - 5 Monday - Friday
We will NOT:

  • charge you for search engine optimization services when we design your website
  • charge you for whiz-bang techie services that sound important but mean nothing to your bottom line
  • charge your final balance until the job is 100% complete
  • charge you for website updates that could be handled internally by you with the implementation of simple content management tools
  • keep you waiting beyond 3 days for general website update requests
And most importantly, we WILL:

  • act professionally and courteously, because you deserve no less from a website company

Subscription Software Solutions From Reaction Internet

GuestServe is a state-of-the-art reservations system used by hundreds of hospitality organizations to book lodging reservations, restaurant reservations, tours, events, and ticket sales.
Merlin Metrics provides campaign tracking insights. We don't just measure traffic on your website; we measure where it comes from and how well the traffic drives conversions and sales. Much more than Google Analytics...
Simple e-blast software that just works. Ideal for organizations looking to communicate regularly with their membership or companies with a permission-based e-mailing customer list.

* you will notice an immediate sharp decline in the volume of spam mail you receive

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Featured Website Design

YMCA of Niagara Website with Customized Content Management System and Staff Intranet

Client: YMCA of Niagara

Project: Website Redesign using our Content Management System PLUS Staff Intranet

The Challenge:
  • Redesign the overall look and feel of the YMCA Of Niagara website and import all existing content into this new look.
  • Create a full screen design that is clean, attractive and offers a highly-intuitive visitor navigation.
  • Add interactive services for news releases, donations and events.
  • Implement a Content Management System that would allow YMCA staff to update written and visual content on the site as well as main and subcategory menu options.
  • Include an on-site search engine.
  • Launch new design within 1 month of project start date.
  • Launch content management system within 1 month following the launch of the new look.
  • Include a staff intranet with varying access levels affording YMCA management the ability to post an entire employee handbook across multiple screens, video footage, staff announcements and much more.
Visit: YMCAofNiagara.org
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