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Get The Reaction Your Business Deserves From Your Website

An effective website can be the heart of your business.  This requires a design aesthetic that matches your company, but it also requires a solid technical foundation to provide highest performance, reliability and security.

Why Reaction Internet?

Web Development

We are not just website designers.  We are programmers and graphic artists who have a proven 24-year  track record in our field.  We are involved in websites that generate millions of visitors per day.

Reliability & Performance

As technicians, we understand cloud computing, databases and all the geeky stuff that makes the web tick.  We determine the best fit for your company and tailor a hosting solution that will work for you.


Web Report Cards

Try our FREE assessment service. We will score your website on 50 measures to determine user experience, mobile suitability, website speed, search engine quality, and other functionality that can make or break your website.

Programmed Solutions

If your website is not providing the needed service for your customers to find you and engage with you, we will either fix the problem or craft a programmed solution customized to your needs.

Web Metrics

Just measuring your website traffic is not enough.  To succeed, you must have a clear call to action and definitive metrics that tell the story of how your online sales, signups or engagement are working (or not working)

Email Services

As long as there are .com addresses for websites, there will be email services needed for companies and their customers.  We are the originator of TouchBase Mail, a subscription mail service and transactional mail delivery system.

A History of Solving Complex Website Problems

Since… Before Google.  Before Facebook.  Before Twitter.

Sites Built/Managed

Domains Managed

Custom Built Apps

Years In Business

What Makes Us Different?

Simply, we understand business.  We are fellow business owners, so we know that your website needs to be more than just a pretty collection of pictures and vague promises.  We operate within a tight circle of competence providing real solutions to real problems.  For example, let’s say you run a company that charges its clients on time-billing basis – we can supply you with a cloud-based solution that WE wrote AND that we use ourselves.  Need a cloud-based calendar that all your staff can share for setting appointments?  Again, we have this at the ready.  Just ask – we either have the solution waiting for you or we know where to source a reliable solution… OR, we will build it.

Reaction Internet – Business Principles – A Blog

On Being Customer-Centric

We realized some time ago that setting our agenda by what the competition does would just make us followers. When you follow the competition, your future vision is nil. You only know what your immediate next step is, because your immediate next step is defined by what...

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Think Different.

Think Different.

Thinking "outside the box" is for people who believe that there is actually a box in the first place. Divergent thinkers, the ones who propel the world forward, often by a solitary vision, intuitively know that there is no box.  They have chosen to "Think Different"....

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Our Latest Work

While these are a sampling of our latest work, it’s important for you to know that we have extreme longevity with our clientele.  In fact, we remain in service to customers who first hired us back in the 1990’s.  We are THAT reliable.

Hotel Website Design
This elegant website is structured using BootStrap for remarkable responsiveness across desktop and mobile views.
Reservation System
We built a custom-made reservation platform with a vast array of rack and package rate management tools, multi-user access, reservation processing and more.
Conference Website Design
The Annual Reading For The Love of It Conference has sourced our company for 17 years to manage their website and registration systems.  We provide reliable and timely service.  Our longevity is our record.
Design and Integration
When registrations start to flow, peak demand requires reliable, high performance, high security systems.  Reaction Internet delivers.
Restaurant Website Design
Niagara’s best  dining experience happens at Treadwell Cuisine.  This  dynamic, fast-paced establishment needed a new WordPress site that could be quickly and easily updated by onsite staff.  Mobile-friendliness was key as people looking for food are often people on the move.
Email Problem Solved
This fine company relies heavily on email for guest communications.  The trouble is that SPAM was clouding their inboxes and important guest messages were getting lost.  We solved this with a Gmail For Business solution, something we have been deploying for 11 years since the day Google launched the service.
Industrial Macnufacturing Website
When Flagro approached us looking for a full product catalogue online but in a responsive format, we knew we had just the solution.  We combined modern design elements with a database solution that connects to the website via API, a technical solution that happens behind the scenes.
Product Catalogues Online
Whether you are selling jam or guitars, outfits or BBQs, Reaction Internet has the perfect solution for you.
Organizational Websites
YMCA of Central East Ontario website runs on WordPress, fully customized to the needs of this multi-city organization.  We created the graphic layout and design, we coded the site, and we integrated social media, calendars, sign-up forms and more.
WordPress Experts
The new gold standard for a website is “responsive design”.  This means simply that a website will function with ease and readability across multiple devices from desktop to tablet to mobile.

Our Skills

Real graphic artists.  Real programmers.  Real technicians.

Providing real services and not just cut-and-paste.


Below, the president of Reaction Internet receives: 

Niagara Technological Entrepreneur Award in February 2017

Are you Mobile Ready?

The internet has transformed our lives and up-ended historic business models.  You are either on this boat or you are standing on the dock watching the boat set sail.


Whether you need to migrate your business to e-commerce delivery or whether you need to upgrade your existing e-commerce delivery, we can help.

  • World’s Population Online – 47% (UN)
  • Canadians With Smartphones – 67% (PEW)
  • Americans with Smartphones – 72% (PEW)
Reaction Driven Web-Based Software

Sometimes our client solutions are so loved that we turn them into stand-alone products.

This was the case with our reservation systems, now known as GuestServe Inc.

This was the case with our e-blasting and transactional mail service, now known as TouchBase Mail Inc.

This was the case with our appointment and patient management system now known as LinkToClinic Inc.

Who knows?  We may solve your problem too and then become partners in business.

Let’s Start Something new
We can help you.

Drop us a line with any question you may have about our service or about how we might be able to assist you.  For our FREE website report card, please check where indicated and be sure to include your website address.

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